The Next Frontier: New Applications for SD Memory Cards

By: Janice Chiu, a board member of the SD Association and the Director of Expandable Storage Team at Silicon Motion Inc.
SD memory cards are proving their worth in a variety of applications that have emerged in the first part of the 21st century


Sometimes, the most effective components of machinery are the ones users never see. Yet, without these building blocks, equipment would fail to perform properly. The same could be said of SD memory cards, the popular small form factor expandable memory technology used in many industries and applications today.


The SD Association aids in the advancement of this technology by establishing standards for SD expandable memory cards, holding product manufacturers of interoperable memory cards and devices to these standards. Brands across a wide range of product categories use SD standards, including smart phones, vehicles, computers, cameras, televisions and personal navigation devices. Established in 2000, SD Association has grown to about 1,000 members.

Read the full thought leadership article by the SD Association here which includes examples of modern applications where SD memory cards offer highly suitable storage options.