Case Study

Media and Film

Cardwave has worked with some of the biggest, most iconic media companies in the world handling many unique and highly complex projects.

We have supported and project-managed a variety of innovative applications for solid-state media. Some of the pioneering projects we have been involved in have included movies on hard disk drives, album and movie releases on microSD cards and handset specific promotions where unique content has driven the marketing campaign for the launch of a new product.

Media and film content is distributed and accessible through many portals, yet most rely on data storage solutions to function correctly. Smart TVs, for example, can have content uploaded/downloaded onto SD cards.

Almost all media projects also require a DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution to either license, activate or protect the content. The DRM is effectively an access control technology which limits the use or replication of digital content and devices after sale (which can be set by the manufacturer, copyright holder or publisher). Cardwave regularly works with DRM systems and parameters so you can be assured of our abilities regarding your media content security and its successful delivery to your chosen market.