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We can offer you the most advanced high-speed USB duplicators on the market. Available in 8, 16 and 32 slot variants, and supporting the USB2.0 / USB3.0 and USB3.1 devices, there is no better or more reliable solution on the market.

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9CC-USB Duplicator

The 9CC-USB USB Tower Series is the most economical way to copy USB thumb drives with a professional duplicator. It is very easy to use and reliable to ensure safe production.

Fast – With the speed of 33MB/sec on each port the unit is faster than most USB 2.0 Sticks on the market. So the system is always a lot faster than the most USB devices.

Quality – With bit-by-bit copy mode the targets will be identical to the original master. With the copy & compare function, you can even be 100% sure your new targets are exactly the same as your master.

Standalone – The unit works standalone, that means there is no need for a PC. Just plug in the power cord of the system, turn on the unit and start the production. The unit is operated with the internal controller with 4 buttons and an LCD display which is very easy to operate.

Available in 7, 15 and 31 slot models.

9CC-USB Duplicator

M5100-PR USB Duplicator

The M1500-USB is a professional USB duplicator supporting USB 3.0 Super Speed and USB 2.0 High Speed devices.

The duplicator is an ideal solution for advanced USB duplication requirements. With advanced copy features, SQL database for logging and tracking and USB test functions, the M1500-USB offers a high quality and reliable solution for USB duplication.

Super Speed USB Duplication – USB 3.0 master copy speed of 2.5 GB/min for up to 31 devices in parallel Fast Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB Drive to the target drives for FAT, FAT32 or exFAT file systems Smart Copy support (optional) for EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, HFS+ File Formats.

Easy – Easy to use Graphical user interface Five Quick keys for faster operation from front panel Copy from a master drive, image file or any regular file Copy/verify asynchronously from files.

Reliable – Binary copy works with any file format Extremely reliable ‘bit-by-bit’ verification process and automatic checksum display CRC and MD5 check Binary image sector by sector copying for exact duplication.

Available in 8, 16 or 32 slot models.

M5100-PR USB Duplicator

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