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What products do you work with?

Cardwave has experience with all product formats that use flash memory: SD cards, microSD cards, SSDs (solid-state drives),USB flash drives, CompactFlash,hard disk drives (HDDs) and optical media (DVD/CD).

Can you put my data on these products?

Yes, this is our expertise. We can help you with a range of services that meet your requirements.

Can you manage my complex licensing requirements and DRM?

Yes, Cardwave fully understands content protection and how to restrict access to content. We can advise you what is possible, but we will need to fully understand your requirements. We also understand Digital Rights Management and how it can be used.

How do you ensure my data is secure?

Cardwave is renowned as a secure content programming facility. Our customers are global brands and we handle sensitive and high-value commercial data. We have established processes for handling customer data and we take security very seriously. We will be happy to explain this in more detail.

What processes and procedures do you follow?

Cardwave has an established quality management system and we are approved to ISO9001. We are regularly audited by our customers and we are proud of our quality record.

Can you produce large orders?

Cardwave has one of the largest facilities in Europe for programming flash memory products. Our production workshop is well equipped, and this allows us to support any project of any size.

Can you produce a small order of custom products?

We are flexible and we will consider any order of any size. Please contact us so we can understand your requirements.

Can you provide references?

We pride ourselves on the level of service we give to our customers and we will be happy to give references from existing customers. We have many endorsements from satisfied customers and we will be pleased to share these with you too.

Are you experienced with importing/exporting?

Yes, importing and exporting goods is an essential part of what we do. We have established suppliers and partners all over the world and we are actively supporting our customers as move into developing countries including Brazil, India and China).

Can I provide my own media?

Yes, we do work with media that our customers provide; however, our preference is to source the product so we can control the quality and performance.

Can you produce labels and packaging for my product?

Yes, Cardwave can support generic or custom designed packaging. We can design and print labels of any dimension, packaging inserts, instruction manuals and retail-ready SKU cartons that can be over-wrapped. Some of these services are provided in-house, others are outsourced to our accredited partners.

Can you store my master data for me? And for how long?

Yes, we offer data storage for many of our customer. Master Data is stored and managed in-house in secure data vaults with restricted access. The length of time we store data for is determined by our customers, and this can be up to 15 years, however most data is stored for 2 years or less.

Can you provide storage for my products?

Yes, we provide end-to-end service for our customers including management of stock. All customer stock is held in individual secure cages and is covered by a separate insurance policy.

What standards do you adhere to?

Cardwave is ISO9001 and IS014001 certified. We work to strict quality and environmental standards. We also support our customers with any industry specific systems as required, for example we have experience of working to TS16949 with our automotive customers. Our process of continual improvement is supported with our use of FMEA and 8D analysis procedures. Cardwave has always recognised the need for a high level of control and security when considering both our own and our customers’ products and data. We also work within strict quality standards that are specifically required by our customers.

What guarantee of quality do you provide?

Our quality management system is important to us, so if we say we can support you, we’ll back up this commitment by implementing a service level agreement and monthly or quarterly business reviews. With every customer, Cardwave commits to a long-term relationship in which customers see their deadlines met and a support mechanism established that facilitates a successful partnership with our customers.

What credentials do you have?

Cardwave is a member of the SD Association along with world renowned manufacturers such as Panasonic, SanDisk and Toshiba. We have a global network of established manufacturers and technology developers and are also strategically partnered with some of the world’s leading brands in our market.

Why should I work with Cardwave?

Many companies work with us because of our knowledge, contacts in the industry, skill set and our ability to deliver what they want. Our customers are very important to us, and central to everything we do. We strive to be the best and we work hard to support our customers becoming successful. We are a professional company, but we also value the personal service and like to develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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