Happy Data Protection Day!

Yes 28th January is Data Privacy Day, or Data Protection Day for those of us in Europe. A day when we are all encouraged to stop and think about data, our own and that of others, how we store it, use it, dispose of it… and ultimately respect it.

Data should be viewed as one of our most valuable assets.

Whether personal data such as names, addresses, bank details, medical records, or business information such as customer records, accounts, HR files, we’d struggle to function day to day without data.

We take for granted the ease of being able to access our data 24/7 anywhere in the world, but if we have easy access to our valuable data, do others?

Consider for a minute the ramifications of your data (personal or business) getting into the wrong hands…

PERSONAL – identity theft, financial loss, lost memories (e.g. photos), breach of privacy, inconvenience, embarrassment

BUSINESS – inconvenience, business disruption, reputational damage, customer churn, monetary fines

The purpose of Data Protection Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

Here at Cardwave we are passionate about data and through our SafeToGo® Solutions portfolio offer a range of products designed to make data security simple.

SafeToGo® 302E and SafeToGo® Solo, hardware encrypted USB3.1 flash drives

We typically enjoy being ‘connected’ 24/7 but sometimes having reliable internet access isn’t possible. USB drives have been around for years and still offer a viable solution for individuals and businesses needing to access data on the move regardless of connectivity. However, not all USBs are the same and if you care about your data, it’s a hardware encrypted USB that you need.

In the event of theft or loss, a hardware encrypted USB such as SafeToGo® 302E or SafeToGo® Solo will ensure your data remains safe.

Contact us to find out everything you need to know about our hardware encrypted USBs now:

GateKeeper Enterprise, wireless authentication system

The average employee has to keep track of 191 passwords and will spend 6-8 hours a year entering passwords in different places.

Locking your workstation every time you walk away from your desk can be cumbersome, and does it really matter if you forget to hit ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’ as you ‘nip’ to the photocopier?


Leaving a workstation unlocked for any length of time can put confidential information at risk.

And let’s be honest we’ve all ‘nipped’ away from our desk only to be intercepted by a colleague and dragged into an impromptu meeting, leaving our workstation unattended and unprotected.

GateKeeper Enterprise brings security and convenience to employees by using wireless keys to simplify the login process, remove the need to remember complex passwords, and enable access to computers and websites based on their physical presence.

Find out more about GateKeeper Enterprise now.

WATCH THIS SPACE! We will be adding further data security solutions to our SafeToGo® Solutions portfolio through 2019 so be sure to check back regularly and keep an eye on our Social Media pages LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.