Operating System Upgrades

Operating System Upgrades

Cardwave has worked with one of the nation’s largest energy providers to migrate their off-site workforce’s devices from an old operating system to a modern Windows platform. These mobile devices are carried by the organisation’s engineers and other staff to help manage their workload. Both device types link back to base via the mobile phone network.

These devices included:

1. Panasonic HDD for CF-19 Rugged Notebook.
2. USB media for Dell Latitude 10 Notepad.

This required a great deal of work from the organisations software team and they were supported by Cardwave in the final testing phase.

Cardwave departed from its normal “final image” model for the mastering process, instead repeatedly providing a fast turn-around for an “integration testing image” and limited production runs which were priority shipped to the testing team at the external organisation for validation.

The external team were further helped by the expertise available at Cardwave which enabled informed discussions to take place and small changes to be made to the supplied images (by Cardwave, on-site) without the need for the delay and expense of re-shipping of masters requiring last-minute modifications.

In addition, Cardwave provided an on-site validation service to ensure that any items shipped to the testing team were basically sound and there had been no replication issues.

This comprehensive service and understanding of the customer’s needs made a difficult OS transition project run far more smoothly than it otherwise might have.

Cardwave started by developing a bespoke interface and special support trays for the Panasonic ruggedised drives to permit them to be programmed on Cardwave’s existing SATA equipment. After a brief but intensive development period Cardwave now has the capacity to replicate over 650 500GB drives per day.