Cardwave® confirm sponsorship of the Bishop Cannings U14 Jedis football squad

Paul Norbury, Chief Executive of Cardwave® is pleased to confirm sponsorship of the Bishop Cannings U14 Jedis football team for the 2018/2019 season.

The football club is a not for profit organisation meaning that all the people who run and work for the club do so on a volunteer basis. All money received either through sponsorship or membership fees is ploughed directly into providing the best for the children.

Paul is very happy to be able to support the local club and commented “I have always believed  that companies should support their local community whenever they can and I am pleased that Cardwave has been able to help out on this occasion. I know the football club has struggled in recent years but there is now a committed group of parents that are doing great things and I want to support them”.

The new kit for the Jedis will feature the SafeToGo® Solo logo, Cardwave’s newest hardware encrypted USB, let’s hope it gives the team the extra ‘drive’ to win.

Aaron Rowles, the team’s new coach, expressed his thanks “We are so grateful for Cardwave’s financial support to cover the cost of the kit, we really appreciate (and need) local businesses’ support which enables young people that would perhaps not be able to get involved in the sport to join the team without having to worry about the kit costs”.

Cardwave staff are looking forward to seeing the Jedis have a successful season and are excited to see all the children wearing their new kit.