Customisation Unique flash memory products, bespoke to your requirements.

Customisation can refer to a configuration change, reformat to a particular file system or even supporting a complex license management process. Many applications require a unique serial number, an auto-run capability or maybe files need to be hidden from the user.

Our reputation for customisation and personalisation services is highly regarded and whatever your requirements are, there is a high probability we have already done it, or done something very similar.

We offer fully customised flash memory products

Format & File Structure

Flash memory products would normally come out of the factory formatted to FAT32 or NTFS. For most applications this may be acceptable, but certain applications may require a change to exFAT, FAT16 or even something that is more proprietary.

Cardwave can support changes to the formatting and file allocation table specifications and for certain orders we can ensure your requirements are incorporated into the original manufacturing process.

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Protecting Your Content

Protecting Your Content

There are many reasons why data and content need to be protected, with an equal number of possible solutions on how to support this on a flash memory product.

Second serial numbers, programming unique asset tags, auto-running from a hidden partition, and supporting full and part license keys are all possible, but they are also dependent on the host and especially the functionality of the flash memory product.

Partitioning & Over-Provisioning

Partitioning & Over-Provisioning

Some flash memory products, particularly USB flash drives, support multiple partitions and this is a useful feature to manage data or to improve operating performance. Over-provisioning is normally associated with solid-state drives and is a feature that improves performance and can increase the endurance of the product.

For customers who specialise in embedded, industrial, and IoT applications, it is highly likely that you will need to have your product configured a certain way, and you can be confident that Cardwave will understand your requirement and we can support you.

Labelling & Marking

Labelling & Marking

Using labels, producing bar codes, laser marking the housing, or even needing a unique colour to differentiate your product are all services that are regularly supported by Cardwave.

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