Distribution Management

Distribution Management Integrate Cardwave into your logistics network

We securely send flash memory products worldwide every day from our industry-leading facilities and have a clear understanding of import and export legislation to make it easier for you to receive your finished goods just when you need them.

Just In Time

Cardwave operate a cloud based ERP system that is configured for efficient stock and order management processes.

This enables us to provide strategic management of customer projects and a just-in-time production service. To some customers, lead times are critical and delivery dates have to be met. We understand this, we operate SLA’s to these standards and our team never forget that we are an extension of our customer’s business.

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Consignment Stock

Consignment Stock

The flash memory supply chain can be volatile in price as well as supply; and this can create problems securing inventory and being able to support long-term contracts. Rapid technology changes are another source of uncertainty for customers.

There are several ways to manage this, and holding consignment stock of approved parts is one of the most popular. Cardwave will manage the entire supply chain, we have secure on-site storage and we can provide a service that is bespoke to each customer.



Cardwave is a full-service flash memory company and we provide retail and bulk packaging services using off-the-shelf materials, we also provide custom design and packaging design services.

Many services are available on-site including labelling, banding and shrink-wrapping, and we understand and support custom shipping labels, booking-in procedures and timed delivery services.

Global Delivery

Global Delivery

Organising a courier is relatively easy these days but companies who ship internationally need to understand global customs procedures, international shipping documentation, commodity codes, and lots of other product and order specific details.

Cardwave exports over 80% to international customers, we are managing supply chains every day all across the world and we are fully prepared for life outside the EU. Our office in the USA is a strategic resource in our ability to service global customers, we have partners all across Europe and Asia and we have plans to establish a manufacturing and service base in India.

Why Cardwave?


Leading global brands trust our expertise to provide critical flash memory advice and services.


Our roots can be traced to long before SSD’s, SD cards and USB flash drives existed.

Leading Facilities

Supporting all data and memory storage devices, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


All our production and handling processes are certified to ISO9001-2015 and we are constantly improving and upgrading our systems.