Flash Memory Duplication

Flash Memory Duplication World leaders in flash memory integration and duplication.

Cardwave has one of the largest and most secure data duplication facilities in Europe. We use the very latest equipment to support customers and orders of all sizes, offering fast turnaround times with an absolute assurance that your data is professionally and securely managed.

Form Factor

For over 40 years the memory industry has been inventing different form factors that solve particular problems, only to be superseded by something better.

In recent years, CE and mobile manufacturers have attempted to establish their own proprietary form factors and many of these have also failed. Cardwave is able to support every form factor whether it is an existing SSD standard such as PCIe or m.2 SATA, an embedded USB module, a removable form factor such as microSD, SD, or USB. We can also support most legacy products including PCMCIA and even RS-MMC cards.

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The ability to duplicate content must be based on the accuracy and reliability of the process. Some equipment manufacturers and companies talk about duplication, but what they are really offering is a file compare service.

Cardwave do not use file compare, all our equipment and our processes are based on a binary bit by bit erase and write process. We verify in a different machine to prove the integrity of the process. This ensures that you will receive accurate and reliable duplicated content.



Not many customers require a standard service, everyone uses a different product, has a unique application and therefore requires a service that is individual to them.

Our technical capabilities and resources enable us to design a customisation service that is right for our customers, whether this is a simple CID capture or the creation and management of a complex licensing algorithm, all of it can be supported by Cardwave.



Cardwave manage the entire process, everything is integrated including reporting. Using SQL databases we record and report on key data that is unique to every project.

Log files, capture product serial numbers, machine serial number, date, time and operator, pass and fail rates, and other critical data outputs. Our centralised reporting capabilities can be used by a customer to write their own reports, or these can be scheduled for automated reporting.

Why Cardwave?


Leading global brands trust our expertise to provide critical micro sd and sd card duplication advice and services.


Our roots can be traced to long before SSD’s, SD cards and USB flash drives existed.

Leading Facilities

Supporting all data and memory storage devices, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


All our production and handling processes are certified to ISO9001-2015 and we are constantly improving and upgrading our systems.  


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