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Hardware Selection Find the right flash memory product for your business.

Flash memory can be a complicated technology to understand. There are different types of flash technologies from different manufacturers, multiple form factors for removable and embedded storage, and whilst they all comply with international standards, they all perform very differently.

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Too many organisations start from the wrong point and are driven by price when deciding which memory and storage solution is right for their business.

Whilst price is important, there are many other important criteria to consider. Knowing what you want from the product will determine the key priorities, and Cardwave will help you to understand the options available to you.


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Operating Environment

Operating Environment

The quality of flash memory used in a product will determine whether or not it can withstand the operating environment it will be used in. For some products, this could be an ambient temperature with no real stress on the flash memory, but for harsh environments, where extreme temperatures are expected, it can be the catalyst for premature failure.

Operating temperature is a very important consideration, but memory and storage products may also have to contend with continuous vibration, high impact, frequent removal, insertion and connection, and occasionally an interrupted power supply. Expecting any product to operate correctly under these conditions is a high risk assumption. We can support you in determining the right flash memory solution for your capacity.



Cardwave’s objective is to ensure your business has better performing products that meet your expectations; and we do this by understanding what you really need from your flash memory or storage product.

Our performance parameters are determined by the quality of the controller and firmware, these are key components that influence read and write speed, durability and longevity of the flash. Industrial grade products have additional features such as power management and protection, advanced wear-levelling, and SMART attribute recording.



Everyone knows that cost is important; and once we understand your application and performance requirements, then you can be confident that we will recommend a product that is right for your budget.

Pricing of flash memory is volatile, prices can go up as well as down, and our approach is to understand your business so we can manage your procurement costs effectively. Cardwave has direct relationships with all the key manufacturers so you can be confident that we’re sourcing original products, that there’s no middle man, and there are certainly no fake or counterfeit products.

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