Specialist Data Services

Specialist Data Services Ensure the integrity of your data.

Cardwave provides a full life-cycle of specialist data services, enabling organisations to protect, encrypt and distribute their data on portable storage devices.

Data Recovery

Data corruption is a common problem and can happen on any storage product either because of user or device error.

Our data recovery process combines a high-level recovery software and with our proven methodology to recover the majority, if not all, of your data. We can also reset or reformat your memory card or SSD to be used again.

We can also provide physical recovery of the memory chip or rebuilding of hardware components within the structured device.

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Data Erasure

Data Erasure

Data cannot be easily deleted. Flash memory works differently to other storage technologies and it is not possible to overwrite old data with new, and then ensure that data has been deleted.

To ensure your private data is correctly erased, Cardwave each memory bit needs to be erased, programmed, and then validated against a known value.

For certain markets and requirements we will repeat this process several times to ensure complete erasure and security.


Why Cardwave?


Leading global brands trust our expertise to provide critical flash memory advice and services.


Our roots can be traced to long before SSD’s, SD cards and USB flash drives existed.

Leading Facilities

Supporting all data and memory storage devices, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


All our production and handling processes are certified to ISO9001-2015 and we are constantly improving and upgrading our systems.