Data Erasure

Data Erasure Ensure your private data is correctly and securely erased.

Data is being created and stored everywhere and Governments around the world are implementing tighter regulations to protect personal and confidential data. But what about end of life data?

There is a growing need for proper data erasure services and Cardwave are ahead of this curve with years of experience in data storage and a comprehensive portfolio of data services for organisations.


The Challenge

The privacy of your data and maintaining its confidentiality is paramount, and when devices are disposed of or upgraded, this data needs to be erased correctly. There are plenty of data recovery services on the market, ensuring the necessity for a trustworthy, dependable service to securely erase data.

You will find a sufficient amount of software applications that claim to erase data but only a few companies truly understand how data is programmed, stored, and managed on a device. Cardwave has this knowledge and we have applied everything we know to provide a service that organisations can trust.

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The Process

Before data can be erased you need to know where all the data is stored, and not just the data written to the storage device by the user. Modern flash storage devices have intelligent controllers that ‘map’ data to specific locations, some of which are not visible to the user.

Cardwave’s secure erase service writes a binary image to each memory location and verifies after each write that the correct value is stored. Changing the file allocation table is not a secure way to erase data and some high-end customers (such as the military) may require multiple patterns (random and fixed) written to and verified against every memory location. This is the only secure way to erase data.

1. Engage

Talk to us about your data erasure requirement and choose the level of service that best meets your requirements.

2. Delivery

Send your device to us or we can arrange to collect it.

3. Scheduling

Once booked in, the data erasure service will be scheduled.

4. Erase Process

The device will be checked and verification certificates will be produced.

5. Completion

Your storage product will be returned to you or destroyed/recycled.


Why Cardwave?


Leading global brands trust our expertise to provide critical flash memory advice and services.


Our roots can be traced to long before SSD’s, SD cards and USB flash drives existed.

Leading Facilities

Supporting all data and memory storage devices, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


All our production and handling processes are certified to ISO9001-2015 and we are constantly improving and upgrading our systems.