Data Recovery

Data Recovery Recover the majority, if not all, of your private data.

Everyone creates and stores data but many do not follow correct back-up procedures. Should the unthinkable happen, and the wrong file is deleted, or there is a glitch in the hardware, memory storage card or drive, then you will need a data recovery service.

Cardwave provides a first-class data recovery service for all types of memory and storage devices.

The Challenge

The internet is full of downloadable applications that claim to recover lost data and many offer free services, but these are never free, there is always a price to pay.

Cardwave has partnered with a world-leading data recovery specialist and their software is used by original manufacturers of flash memory cards and other data storage products. Using this advanced software we are able to identify files that are recoverable and set a proper expectation with your business.

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The Process

The data recovery process starts with an informed consultation to understand what went wrong and whether or not a data recovery service is needed. Some storage devices may be physically damaged beyond repair, others could be fixed with a simple software download.

If you do need a professional service, data recovery is only possible when your storage device is in our lab, as this is where our skilled technicians are based and is where we can use our specialist equipment and software.

1. Engage

Talk to us about your problem, it may be something simple that can be fixed over the phone or with a simple software download.

2. Submit

If we can’t resolve the problem over the phone then you will need to send in your media so our technicians can work on it.

3. Prepare

We will make a back-up copy and begin recovery, your original media remains intact.

4. Recovery

If successful, your data will be recovered and returned to you along with your original media/drive.

5. Specialist Recovery

Occasionally we will need to rebuild the storage device to recover the data, this is a very specialist service.


Why Cardwave?


Leading global brands trust our expertise to provide critical flash memory advice and services.


Our roots can be traced to long before SSD’s, SD cards and USB flash drives existed.

Leading Facilities

Supporting all data and memory storage devices, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


All our production and handling processes are certified to ISO9001-2015 and we are constantly improving and upgrading our systems.