About Cardwave

Cardwave Services Ltd is an innovative company that supports content owners and device manufacturers to use flash memory products in their business.

Many of our customers want to use a flash memory storage product but they are not always sure of the differences between the various form factors and grades. The terminology, marketing jargon and performance statements of the manufacturers can be confusing to understand, making product selection much harder than it should be. Product specification documents can be very technical and hard to understand and more often than not, performance requirements are over-specified. Whatever the situation, our expertise and knowledge will explain everything in plain English.

Our roots and expertise in the flash memory industry can be traced back over 20 years, long before SSDs, SD cards and USB flash drives existed. During that time we have established an extensive network with the leading manufacturers in the industry and we leverage these relationships to offer our customers an unbiased and independent choice on all products that are available. Our expertise and support helps customers to make an informed decision on product selection and product qualification, which is then delivered with a commitment to customer service that puts our customers in control of their business.

We are recognised for our innovative thinking, our project management services and commercial expertise, as well as our technical and engineering capabilities. Cardwave has established relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers and technology developers in flash memory and we work closely with several of these companies to provide quality-assured services to an established blue-chip customer base across EMEA, the US and the rest of the world.

Our customers are from all industries and sectors including medical, automotive, telecommunication, media and entertainment plus many more.

Cardwave’s objective is to ensure our customers have better performing products that meet expectations. We do this by understanding business needs, solving problems and ultimately delivering a service that is second to none. Our extensive knowledge and contacts in the flash memory market, the specialist skills we have learned over many years and the capabilities and resources of our manufacturing centre enables us to provide an end-to-end service for customers in diverse sectors.

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