Cardwave visits local charity Devizes Opendoors with donations

On Friday 23rd November Emma, our Marketing Manager and her son visited Devizes Opendoors to deliver 6 bags of warm clothing donated by our staff.

She commented “It was a humbling, yet heart warming experience speaking to volunteers and spending time speaking to a couple of gentlemen who visit to eat, wash or seek advice, or simply for company”.

For the last few years the charity has provided three cooked meals a week at St. John’s Parish Rooms, Long Street and there are about 15 – 20 people there at most sessions.

The charity also provides support and advice on health issues (mental and physical), alcohol and drug dependency, criminal activity, financial matters and of course housing issues.

The guests are a mixture of rough sleepers, those sleeping in sheds, vans and old boats, sofa surfers and those with their own homes but with issues that can make their tenancies vulnerable.

It now really needs help though with funding things like their food bills, laundry costs to provide tickets for the launderette as well help for funding bus tickets for visiting appointments eg support groups.

Are you a local Devizes business, can you help? How about instead of sending Christmas cards this year you donate to Opendoors instead. Every donation counts

Paul Norbury, Cardwave’s Chief Executive has today also donated £500 to the charity and is also sponsoring The Invitation Theatre Company’s Christmas concert at St John’s again this year of which half the proceeds will also go to Opendoors.

Paul commented “If more companies gave a little, then collectively we could give a lot. As one famous Jungle celebrity says, we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.