Data recovery – can you do it yourself or do you need expert help?

Data is the lifeblood of your business operations

As a home business owner if you were asked to name your most valued assets, things like equipment, technology, transportation, stock and perhaps your business partner, would spring to mind, but I wonder how many of us would think to put data on the list?

Data, and having easy access to said data, can be fundamental to the success or failure of an organisation. Customer records, accounts, contracts, design documents, correspondence… are all integral parts of day to day business operations, without which we’d struggle to function.

Whilst most business owners invest in insurances which will help with the replacement of physical assets, few put plans/precautions in place to deal with data loss.

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Write a data protection and recovery plan

Even for the smallest of home businesses, data is the lifeblood of your operations. Take time now to put a data protection and recovery plan in place and you may just save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle should the unfortunate happen.

A written plan should include documenting details of the data stored by the business, where it resides, how and when data will be backed up and what action will be taken in the event of a data loss – to not only recover the data but prevent future losses. Familiarise yourself now with the data recovery options available to you – both do-it-yourself and professional services.


Data recovery – DIY software options

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Search for ‘data recovery’ online and your search results will no doubt include lots of references to ‘Free recovery software’ which may sound tempting but be warned. Some of these ‘free’ software downloads are riddled with malware (nasty computer viruses) which will not only fail to recover your lost data but infect your entire network.

Don’t panic, reputable DIY data recovery software is available, just do some research first.

Data Resus from Cardwave, uses the latest generation software packages and hardware tools for recovering data from all types of media – flash drives, cameras, mobile phones, hard drives. Our user-friendly ‘DIY’ recovery software for both file and photo recovery, Mac and PC, includes a free online evaluation so you can see what can be recovered before committing to download the software.

When downloading any DIY data recovery software DON’T install the software on the device from which you are trying to retrieve data as it could result in your data being over-written.

If during the recovery process your device starts making unusual noises or becomes noticeable warm, STOP and seek the advice of a professional expert.


Data recovery – time to call in the experts

Water damage

Water spilt on laptop, water damage, data loss

If you spill coffee over your hard drive or drop your phone down the loo, you’ll need expert help to retrieve your data but there are immediate steps you can take to improve the chances of recovery:

  • DON’T attempt to turn your device on
  • DON’T use a hairdryer or stick it on the radiator (excessive heat can seriously damage small component parts)
  • DON’T try and take the device apart in an attempt to speed up the drying process
  • DON’T shake the device to try and remove excess water – this could not only damage internal parts but result in water entering further into the device.
  • DO let the device air dry.
  • DO rinse the device quickly in fresh water should it have been immersed in salt or flood water – this will help remove any deposits which might be hard to eradicate once dried.


Noisy hard drive

If your hard drive has become very vocal, it’s a clear sign that all is not well and that it may fail at any time. In the event that you hear clicking noises coming from your hard drive, turn it off immediately and seek expert advice.

Don’t try the classic ‘turn it off and back on again’ reboot technique as this could cause further problems and increase the risk of permanent data loss. Also don’t try to take the hard drive apart, it’s really rather fragile and unless you know what you are doing the likelihood is that you will cause irreparable damage.


To be forewarned is to be forearmed

Choosing the right data recovery expert isn’t a two minute job. There are lots of apparent ‘experts’ out there but alas not all are reputable. Doing some thorough research now to identify the right recovery partner could save you a lot of aggravation and stress should a data emergency arise.


Backups are key

Whilst it’s important to know who you can turn to, and importantly trust, in the event of data loss, if you back up your important data files on a regular basis you may never need to call in the experts. Avoid putting all your eggs (data) in one basket and backup data in the cloud and on physical storage to ensure you can retrieve your important data with ease.


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Even the best laid plans can go awry so in the event of a data loss the important thing is not to panic. Stop using the affected device immediately and visit to see how we can help. We offer both a DIY data recovery software download option (with free online evaluation), and a ‘no recovery, no fee’ send in service for sensitive, large, complex jobs. | Tel: 01380 738395 | Email:


Data Resus is a service by Cardwave Services Ltd and is committed to providing a first class recovery service, backed by excellent customer care. Cardwave is a globally recognised expert in flash memory technology. We are a trusted partner to many high-profile companies, providing value-add services that help them use flash memory products in their business. We understand the DNA – the intricate details – and the content of the flash memory products we work with.

Cardwave has partnered with LC Tech, a global leader in data recovery whose mission is designed to help clients resolve catastrophic problems with their award winning software, used in over 100 countries, or by an in-house recovery service.