Don’t risk your data with free software recovery programmes

If your data or images are precious why would you risk using a free software programme over a cost effective solution you can trust and rely on which has been developed by a global expert in data recovery.

Once you start using a free programme to recover your data there is no knowing how much additional damage you could do to your data and you could end up losing all your files forever.

Free software can give you inaccurate scan results meaning that when a software utility scans the drive to “locate recoverable data” and finds a bad sector, it will skip over blocks of bad sectors or freeze up when it comes across the first sign of one.


It might take these utilities numerous attempts at trying to read the bad sectors before skipping the sector that is bad. By the time the utility does decide to skip the bad sector, the damage could already have been done and your drive might be beyond the point of repair.

Remember, you can scan a good drive, or a virtual image of a drive, as many times as your want. But scanning a failing drive with these utilities can make creating a good bit level image difficult, or even worse, impossible.

Data Resus prices start from as little as £25.50 for our professional photo recovery software providing you with a year’s licence. Alternatively, you can send in your device to us to try and recover your data (no recovery, no fee*).

Data Resus is a service by Cardwave Services Ltd and is committed to providing a first class recovery service, backed by excellent customer care.  Cardwave is a globally recognised expert in flash memory technology. We are a trusted partner to many high-profile companies, providing value-add services that help them use flash memory products in their business. We understand the DNA – the intricate details – and the content of the flash memory products we work with.  


Cardwave  has linked with LC Tech, a global leader in data recovery whose mission is designed to help clients resolve catastrophic problems with their award winning software, used in over 100 countries, or by an in-house recovery service.

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